Our Story

Creating Community and Connections One Bar at a Time

I’m Shelley Verlaan and I’m passionate about the art and science of soapmaking. I am the soap maker, owner, and operator of Soapolallie Soapworks in Enderby producing handmade artisan soaps, hair care, bath bombs, cleaning products and more using clean, quality ingredients that you can feel good about using every day. We are Nlakapamux from Spuzzum, BC and proud of our heritage. Welcome to our family venture. 

Soapolallie takes its name from the soopolallie (or soap) berry and was created with a commitment to the land and our community. From the unique and colourful designs of our bars to commitment to utilizing ethically sourced, environmentally friendly, quality ingredients and low-waste packaging, we want to ensure that we are minimizing our environmental footprint for future generations to come.

Our storefront, located at 611 Cliff Avenue in downtown Enderby BC, has been open since August 2020 and I feel so lucky to live and work in such an inspiring place surrounded by such an amazing people. A few of my favourite things: hiking the Enderby Cliffs, admiring our local wildlife or sharing my love for fellow business-owners on my Instagram and Facebook feed during my weekly Thursday Business-to- Business Love feature.

Shelley reading the rings at Kingfisher Interpretive Centre